Natural Resource Consulting, Contracting, and Resource Management

Piper Land Resource Services, LLC is a full-service natural resource consulting, contracting, and land management company. We provide services catered to corporate, government, and private land managers. Our customers include the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), coal mines, wind farms, military installations, North Dakota State University, and private land owners.

Applied land management is the focus of our company. We focus our services to the needs of our customers. Our services range from scientific data collection to on-the-ground land management and reclamation. We can also fulfill any mapping, GIS, and regulatory needs your project may require.

We are professionals and work closely with other professionals who pay attention to detail. We provide top-quality end products which meet your goals and objectives. Most importantly, we provide service beyond the immediate need, and we support our customers into the future. Our customer is our partner.